Episode 38: Advanced?

Dave talks about what it means to be an advanced Photoshop user, or to use an “advanced” technique. And how the heck do we decide if something is advanced or not…and what is a hack?

Episode 37: Reminiscing & Resolutions

Dave takes a look back at the last decade and how things have changed with Photoshop, thinks out loud about what might be coming, and offers suggestions for your Photoshop learning resolutions.

Episode 36: Save Time with Presets

Dave discusses one of the most over-looked yet easy to implement ways of saving time: Presets.

Episode 35: A Chat with Colin Smith

Dave chats with Speaker and Author Colin Smith about emerging technology in Photoshop , AI and the creative process.

Episode 33: Breaking Bad….Photoshop Habits

Dave pays tribute to one of his favorite TV series by talking about Breaking Bad…Photoshop Habits. Okay, not really “bad” habits, but things we do in Photoshop that have an alternate method that’s faster, more accurate and /or more flexible.

Episode 32: A Chat with Corey Barker

Dave chats with Photoshop Hall of Fame instructor and 3D expert Corey Barker about new and emerging technology from Adobe such as Aero and Fresco and how they work with Photoshop.

Episode 31: Photoshop 2020 & Photoshop for the iPad

Dave was at Adobe MAX for the announcement of the newest version of Photoshop and Photoshop for the IPad and recorded his thoughts about both applications.

Episode 30: Rants and Raves II

It’s that time again: Dave shares some raves and rants about some of his favorite – and not-so-favorite – things. 

Episode 29: When (and How) to Upgrade

After the problems many people encountered with Apple’s Catalina Operating System and Adobe software, Dave offers his philosophy on upgrading, including how to prepare for upgrading to the next version of Photoshop.