Episode 15: True Crimes…in Photoshop

Dave discusses some of the things people do in Photoshop that are “criminal” – or at the very least they are not very productive or efficient. Among the crimes on Dave’s list are flattening, merging, erasing, clicking on tools, using filters vs smart filters and using adjustments rather than adjustment layers. He discusses alternatives to each of the criminal activities that will help lead to a happier, more productive life.

One comment on “Episode 15: True Crimes…in Photoshop

  1. Brad Molsen says:

    Thanks Dave, Like a lot of listeners I bet, some of the things people are doing that you mentioned, luckily are not happening to me. I also am a firm believer in layers and saving a .psd file of projects. I did learn some new ways to try filters and feathering too from this cast. I will be sending the link to a fellow photographer friend. This is great stuff to listen too when doing Photoshop!! Thanks for taking the time.

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