Episode 53: Are You Certifiable?

Dave discusses whether you should or shouldn’t take Adobe certification exams for Photoshop. (Spoiler alert: there are pros and cons)

Episode 52: When did we become so impatient

Dave Cross discusses how perhaps instead of immediately asking for a tutorial or a pre-built preset or action, we try it ourselves.

Episode 51: A Chat with Blake Rudis

Dave Cross and Blake Rudis discuss the big changes to the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw, and how to get over any dislike of the new look and start taking advantage of the new features.

Episode 50: 12 Projects to play with

Got some time on your hands and you want to experiment in Photoshop, but don’t know where to start? Dave shares 12 (13 actually) mini projects to get you started on the road to learning through experimentation and “playing around” with new tools and features.

Episode 49: Consistently Consistent

Dave talks about how an experience with new (to him) software apps lead him to appreciate the way Adobe does things with consistency, and how we can apply consistency to how we use Photoshop.

Episode 48: The Five Forbidden Fruits of Photoshop

Dave talks about the 5 “dangerous” things you should not do in Photoshop.

Episode 47: Stay at Home – Learn at Home

Dave shares a simple strategy to use your time to practice and learn new things in Photoshop

Episode 46: A Chat with Lisa Carney

Dave chats with Lisa Carney, a professional beauty and entertainment retoucher about key tools and techniques, personal projects, practicing, and how slowing down might make you faster in Photoshop. Oh, and Footloose.

Episode 45: You Can’t Drown on a Soccer Field

Dave shares how his inability to swim almost kept him from graduating college, and how that experience can be applied to how we learn Photoshop.

Episode 44: A Chat with Jesús Ramirez

Dave and Jesús chat about all kinds of Photoshop topics, even sharing their most embarrassing videos.