Episode 51: A Chat with Blake Rudis

Dave Cross and Blake Rudis discuss the big changes to the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw, and how to get over any dislike of the new look and start taking advantage of the new features.

Episode 46: A Chat with Lisa Carney

Dave chats with Lisa Carney, a professional beauty and entertainment retoucher about key tools and techniques, personal projects, practicing, and how slowing down might make you faster in Photoshop. Oh, and Footloose.

Episode 42: A Chat with Dave Clayton

Two DCs on one show! Dave Clayton and Dave Cross chat about how graphic design can (and should) play a role in photography, how to use Adobe Stock as a source of inspiration, self-assignments and more! 

Episode 41: A Chat with Sebastian Michaels

Get inspired to create conceptual photographic artwork during this chat with Sebastian Michaels! Dave and Sebastian chat about having a vision, planing out a photo shoot and how thinking backwards from Photoshop can make things easier and help you to be more creative.

Episode 35: A Chat with Colin Smith

Dave chats with Speaker and Author Colin Smith about emerging technology in Photoshop , AI and the creative process.

Episode 32: A Chat with Corey Barker

Dave chats with Photoshop Hall of Fame instructor and 3D expert Corey Barker about new and emerging technology from Adobe such as Aero and Fresco and how they work with Photoshop.

Episode 28: Daniel Gregory talks Printing

If you ever wanted to know all the ins and outs about printing on your own printer, this is the episode for you! Expert guest Daniel Gregory talks about ICC profiles, monitor calibration, paper, proofing and much more. One of most in-depth discussions about printing you’ll likely ever hear in a podcast.

Episode 26: A chat with Khara Plicanic

Dave talks with photographer/designer/instructor Khara Plicanic about design and typography in Photoshop, and how photographers can start dipping their toes into the world of design, templates and printing. 

Episode 25: A Chat with Scale Model Portrait Photographer Nick Busch

Dave chats with Nick Busch, a photographer who’s been in the news recently with his unique scale model portrait photography. He combines scale model building with photography, focus stacking, portraits and Photoshop, to create uniquely fascinating images.

Episode 24: A chat with Joel Grimes

Dave chats with renowned photographer Joel Grimes about personal projects, creating a signature style, commercial work and more. This episode is packed with inspiration and practical tips.