Episode 53: Are You Certifiable?

Dave discusses whether you should or shouldn’t take Adobe certification exams for Photoshop. (Spoiler alert: there are pros and cons)

Episode 52: When did we become so impatient

Dave Cross discusses how perhaps instead of immediately asking for a tutorial or a pre-built preset or action, we try it ourselves.

Episode 49: Consistently Consistent

Dave talks about how an experience with new (to him) software apps lead him to appreciate the way Adobe does things with consistency, and how we can apply consistency to how we use Photoshop.

Episode 39: Think like Photoshop

Dave expands on the idea of Thinking like Photoshop, in particular how we should think about covering up instead of removing. And he recommends that you become your own stock photo agency.

Episode 38: Advanced?

Dave talks about what it means to be an advanced Photoshop user, or to use an “advanced” technique. And how the heck do we decide if something is advanced or not…and what is a hack?

Episode 30: Rants and Raves II

It’s that time again: Dave shares some raves and rants about some of his favorite – and not-so-favorite – things. 

Episode 27: Does Adobe Bridge get a Bad Rap?

Dave shares his opinion on whether Adobe Bridge get a bad rap (spoiler alert: he thinks it does and explains why). Hear about some of the similarities and differences between Lightroom and Bridge and how you can decide which is the best tool for you.

Episode 22: Rants & Raves

Rather than talking about one specific topic, this week Dave Cross raves about some of his recent favorite things, and rants (just a little) about some things that drive him a little bit crazy.

Episode 18: Does Photoshop owe us an apology?

The way some users describe there problems learning Photoshop, it’s almost like they are apologizing for not doing a better job of learning. In this episode Dave Cross ponders the question, is it Photoshop that should be apologizing to us?